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smoothie2 Smoothie / Смути / Смузи / Batido / 冰沙
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blueberries blueberries raspberries raspberries spinach spinach beet beet cucumber cucumber cucumbe yogurt ice_cubes ice_cubes        


strawberry strawberry strawberry beet beet dates dates lemon_rind oatmeal coconut_milk coconut_milk water        


banana pineapple apple apple blueberries blueberries avocado spinach spinach beet beet ice_cubes ice_cubes      


strawberry strawberry dates dates spinach spinach beet beet cocoa_powder cocoa_powder coconut_milk coconut_milk vanilla ice_cubes ice_cubes      


Look for beets that are heavy for their size. Smaller beets are tenderer and have a sweeter, less starchy taste.
Scrub with a brush, remove roots and most of the tops, and then cut as desired.
Before refrigerating, separate the beets from the leaves. To keep the beets dry, store them in plastic bag.

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